The Red Door, Lakeland

The Red Door Wine Market in Lakeland is a true gem. This is one of the many little treasures that are scattered across Lakeland, and places like these are what inspired me to create this website.


This wine bar has some inside seating, however, I’d recommend the outside seating due to the atmosphere. There is usually live music being performed outside in the evening, which is the best time to come. Imagine a setting sun and some gentle, acoustic tunes as you slowly sip and savor a bottle of fine wine. That’s what this place is all about!

wine glass preview

What this place is not about, however, is socializing. The music can be loud, which will tend to inhibit your witty and charming small talk which is always overly relied upon when meeting new people. Secondly, the seating arrangement (which is admittedly cute) is a bit anti-social. Barging is on another party’s table is always awkward.


Instead of focusing on the presumably interesting wine connoisseurs who are sitting around you, you’ll simply have to focus on your wine… and perhaps, the food! The food here is trendy and gastropub-ish. On the menu you’ll find a lamb burger, tartar, chicken and waffles, and other entrees that are often featured on The Food Network and in other foodie havens. I was in the mood for red wine when I last visited, so I ordered a classic accompaniment; spaghetti and meatballs. Check out what got brought out to our table.


Not exactly what I had in mind, but that’s what I get for not reading the full description on the menu. Interesting side note; it was delicious and happened to pair well with my wine. That being said, if you are here for dinner and not a slow evening and bottles of wine, I’d sit inside. The bar is kind of nice.


The many other internet reviews on The Red Door mention its expensive prices. Here is a peak at the drink menu, so that you can make your own judgement;


If this is indeed too pricey for you, I’d recommend keeping an eye out for the daily specials. The specials here can make a big difference in price, but sometimes are not posted to the public until the last minute. The best way to save a buck is to keep on eye on their Facebook page.

Even if you can’t sniff out a bargain on the evening that is right for you, keep in mind that you are paying for the atmosphere. You will truly feel like you’ve left Lakeland and are enjoying yourself in Sonoma Valley. Think of all of the money you just saved on plane tickets!

Red Door Wine Market on Urbanspoon


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