Granger & Sons Bar-B-Que

This review will have no frills and will be straight to the point.  Why?  Because Granger & Sons Bar-B-Que is a no frills and straight to the point kind of joint!


What you see here is a little BBQ shack (it’s so little that you may accidentally drive right past it on your way up 98 North), and what you see is what you get.  I bet you can guess what’s on the menu here, but if not, take a quick look.


You’ll notice that the prices are very reasonable. However, the only way to pay these prices are in cash. This little sign can be a bummer if you aren’t prepared.
Much more importantly, the food here is not a bummer! Check out some of these BBQ classics.
The portions are generous. There are no servers here, which means you walk up to a counter and do some fast-food style ordering. The food leaves their window at a fast-food style pace, which means that you’re food will hit your tray almost instantaneously. Fortunately, those are the only 2 fast-food juxtapositions that you’ll have to deal with here. There is too much love in this food for it to taste mass produced. You’ll taste an extra touch of brown sugar in the baked beans pictured above. You’ll also taste a secret ingredient or 2 in their home made, signature BBQ sauce. That being said, the sauce won’t surprise you. In fact, nothing here will surprise you. This is down and dirty, good old fashioned BBQ, nothing more and nothing less.
The interior is small with an atmosphere as basic as the food is. If you’d like your BBQ served to you in a more upbeat atmosphere, then venture to Smokey Bones. If you’d prefer BBQ that has been re-imagined with modern foodie twists, then Fat Maggie’s is your destination.

However, if that old-fashioned, home made, and always familiar BBQ goodness is what you’re after, then you’re craving some Granger’s!

Granger and Sons Barbeque on Urbanspoon


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