My wife and I grew up in the Northeast many years ago.  This means that an old fashioned diner like Reececliff’s will always make us feel nostalgic.  However, a true diner is open 24 hours a day; this restaurant is not.  While it is debatable whether or not this restaurant could be classified as a diner, there is no debating whether or not this place should be classified as old fashioned.


Reececliff’s was established in Lakeland by Reece and Cliff Sudmam (pictured below) during the year 1934.

crop old pic

The building has been well taken care of and still looks new.

011 016

Other than the architecture, you won’t find anything new here. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. The music here is straight from a 50’s soda shop, which is definitely jive and will make you want to do the jitterbug. Nonetheless, the recipes here could perhaps use a little modernization. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good old fashioned meal. However, an old fashioned meal in Lakeland usually means Southern style cooking, which you’ll find a little bit of, but it’s not the focus. Reececliff’s primarily offers diner style food with little ingenuity.


The burger was bland and the fries tasted as if they were store bought from the freezer section in a grocery store. The French toast was just ok. The dish wasn’t topped with any cinnamon or powdered sugar.  The only thing sprinkled over this toast was a heavy dose of predictability.


Perhaps the one genre of cuisine that never needs evolution or reinvention is American pie. Reececliff’s offers over 10 different pie selections.  They feature home made classics such as cherry pie, coconut cream, peach pie, and chocolate pecan.

crop name

The pie was good, however, not overly flavorful or sweet. My grandma hated anything that was too sweet and she would have presumably loved this pie.

Grandma would also love the prices here because “it’s a bargain!”

crop receipt

The $9 meatloaf referenced in the above picture was a little bit odd.  My wife and I have discerning taste buds, and we concluded that the meat tasted as if it were comprised of ground beef mixed with hot dog (why would they use hot dog?) and the sauce tasted like A1 mixed with tomato paste.


The meatloaf is in the upper left corner of this plate.  I just didn’t get it.  I bet this meatloaf would have made perfect sense to grandma, though.  In fact, just about everything here at Reececliff’s would be better appreciated by folks my grandma’s age…

Reececliff Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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